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PxPlus Release

PxPlus 2016 (version 13.00)

May 2016

PxPlus 2016 consists of numerous new features, customer-suggested enhancements, and usability improvements, as well as a few corrections and minor changes.
(click here to view information on the prior PxPlus 2014 - Version 12.50)

Major New Features

Enhanced Floating Tips (Info Tips)

Enhanced IDE, NOMADS and Toolkit


File Linking Utility

Added 3 New Properties to List View Control

Enhanced Themes and Visual Classes

Added Responsive Capabilities

Enhanced Web Services

Enhanced EZWeb Server Usability and Functionality

WindX Enhancements

UNIX Enhancements


Language Enhancements



iNomads Enhancements

Enhanced PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver

Corrections and Minor Changes


Additional Help Changes