PxPlus Release

PxPlus 2016 (version 13.00)

May 2016

PxPlus 2016 consists of numerous new features, customer-suggested enhancements, and usability improvements, as well as a few corrections and minor changes.
(click here to view information on the prior PxPlus 2014 - Version 12.50)

Major New Features

Enhanced Floating Tips (Info Tips)

  • New Define Info Tip dialog to define and maintain tips
  • Added URL and URL text capability to tips
  • Increased display time of tip if URL exists
  • Tips will be rendered in HTML when ' TC'=-2 is set
  • Added customization to HTML tips using *tooltip

Enhanced IDE, NOMADS and Toolkit

  • New Combine View option for IDE Launcher
  • New Web-based IDE
  • Added PxPlus Dashboard to Web IDE
  • New Web-based Editor
  • Added new Wizard Creation Wizard with progress bar capability
  • Added iNomads Menu to NOMADS Panel Designer to create transactions and test panels in iNomads
  • Added Designer Menu to Library Object Selection to set panel designer type prior to launching a panel
  • Enhanced Install Windows Services so that more than one service can be installed for each type
  • Improved Windows Services user interface so that all services can be viewed from one location
  • Added iNomads Template attribute to panel header to allow the template to be overridden in iNomads
  • Added iNomads Classes attribute to panel header and controls to allow special override conditions in iNomads
  • Added ability to specify column and row coordinates for an Embedded Panel
  • Enhanced usability in Presets tab of the Grid control by changing column order to streamline creation


  • Enhanced Query Header options by adding additional options for Drop Query use
  • User-defined column order in the Query is now retained for any file export at run time

File Linking Utility

Added 3 New Properties to List View Control

Enhanced Themes and Visual Classes

  • Added Theme support to Visual Classes
  • Added new List View properties:  Header Background Color, Header Text, Header Font, Hilight Color 1 and Hilight Color 2

Added Responsive Capabilities

Enhanced Web Services

Enhanced EZWeb Server Usability and Functionality

  • Added ability to launch and save specific port numbers to Launch EZWeb Server
  • Added EZWeb Server Shutdown capability to system tray
  • Added new tool tips to identify EZWeb and Simple CS tasks in system tray

WindX Enhancements

  • Improved handling of Start_Up for PxPlus Simple Client-Server Interface
  • Enhanced WindX security by adding end-user authorization whenever the host tries to access a file or execute code on the workstation
  • Added SSH support
  • Added ability to have WindX support the AutoConvertUTF8 setting
  • Added Client Server Host Security using system environment variable PXP_CS_OPT
  • Added two new parameters, Terminal Type and Program, to TinyNet
  • Improved use of BEGIN in WindX environment

UNIX Enhancements

  • Added support for reading, writing, and deleting entries from an INI file to the *inifile utility when running on UNIX


  • Added SMS (Texting) capability to send texts
  • Created new *web/testemail utility to test email and provide necessary *web/email commands
  • Enhanced FTP performance and usability

Language Enhancements

  • Added SysMenu# option to 'OPTION' mnemonic to update the System menu on-the-fly
  • Added Find_Index, Next_Sibling and Prior_Sibling methods and Parent property to the *obj/xml object
  • Added new HTML-based error reporting for NOMADS and iNomads
  • Added new -A command line parameter when Launching PxPlus to specify the directory to contain the ACTIVATE.PVX file
  • Updated msgbox.gui to Windows 10 standards
  • Added new Crash Analysis to trap unexpected application failures and output key application information to the log file
  • Added support for DOM= on an Associative Array element
  • Added page break to LV command
  • Added support of UTF-8 data in Grids that allows users who are using the 'U8' system parameter to use the Grid
  • Added UTF-8 support to the PDF interface
  • Added new 'TC' parameter to display HTML-based tool tips
  • Improved "!" format support and NUL= options when entering values <1 to NUL$ for Grids
  • Enhanced JUL and DAY_FORMAT directives error reporting
  • Added Program and Prefix support for PxServer
  • Added new 'XU' parameter to clear keyed file header locks prior to invoking an external DLL call or OCX object


  • Added [LCL] and [WDX] support to PTH function
  • Enhanced CRC function to add support for calculating 32-bit cyclic redundancy checksum
  • Added SysMenu# option to FIN function to update the System menu on-the-fly
  • Added System_Jrnl option to FIN function to return pathname of System Journal if open
  • Added new DIM(CLASS array$) function to retrieve the element type from an array


  • Added support for TRY WITH ERROR_HANDLER directive that will leave the error handler enabled during the execution of the TRY logic
  • Added new CREATE FILE directive to create copy/backup of a file
  • Added new LOAD DATA TO directive to load an associative array from variables or an IOLIST
  • Added new LOAD DATA FROM directive to load variables from an associative array or an IOLIST
  • Added new DIM CLASS directive to set an elements-type flag
  • Added new READ WINDOW DATA directive that will receive data from another session
  • Added new WRITE WINDOW DATA directive that will send data to another sessions
  • Added new EXTRACT FILE directive to decompress a specified file in the ZIP archive
  • Added new INSERT FILE directive to compress a specified file and append it to the ZIP archive

iNomads Enhancements

  • Enhanced display and screen performance by reducing screen redraw
  • Added iFrame popup style windows
  • Improved usability and functionality of all iNomads setup programs
  • Added Template Designer Wizard to create new templates
  • Enhanced usability and functionality of Template Designer
  • Added Menu Generation Interface to Template Designer to generate menus at run time
  • Enhanced usability and functionality of Transaction Maintenance
  • Added Test buttons to Template Designer and Transaction Maintenance to quickly verify design of template and transaction
  • Added quick launch of Admin setup in iNomads Application Launchpad
  • Added circle and lines support
  • Improved handling of a non-existing panel/library when running an iNomads transaction
  • Added Theme and Visual Classes support to iNomads
  • Added support for Drop Query to template
  • Added Hamburger-style Menu support to template for panel menus
  • Added List Box right-click functionality when clicking outside of row display
  • Added support for HSL colors
  • Enhanced Admin and IDE Templates styling
  • Added Embedded Query buttons support
  • Added iNomads Classes to handle display of controls and List Box/Grid presentation options
  • Added all PxPlus 2014 bitmaps and images
  • Added Folder Go to tab support
  • Enhanced List Box and Grid pagination
  • Improved handling of fonts within Grids and resetting of 'string' properties
  • Added handling of MOUSE down/drag/up for CTL events for non-NOMADS
  • Enhanced Calendar and Calculator controls

Enhanced PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver

  • Rebrand to PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver and PxPlus SQL Server
  • Enhanced escape syntax for joins, scalar functions and dates to be optional
  • Added SQL Block Comments /* */ capability and --  Line Comment support
  • Added date comparison optimization for increased date filtering performance
  • Improved performance for independent sub-selects
  • Added support for SQL CAST scalar function
  • Enhanced SQL CONVERT scalar function to handle more data types
  • Added support for SQL CASE syntax
  • Added support for SQL UNION and UNION ALL syntax
  • Added support for RIGHT OUTER JOIN
  • Added support for alternate syntax for 3+ table joins
  • Added support for SQL HINT
  • Added support for NULL string and NULL numeric fields that are the same as "" or 0 respectively
  • Added support to treat a string number as a numeric
  • Enhanced SQL Command Line Client to return column names
  • Added LIST tablename option to output column information to SQL Command Line
  • Enhanced SQL Command Line error reporting and help message
  • Added support for OLE DB ODBC and .NET ODBC providers
  • Added capability to test schema to DSN setup that tests whether tables and/or views are accessible
  • Added link to documentation to DSN setup
  • Added UNIX/Linux support using unixODBC for 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Added PxPlus SQL Server support for 64-bit UNIX/Linux
  • Corrected issue with PxPlus SQL Server when dealing with keys larger than 127 bytes
  • Addressed a stability issue caused by certain error messages
  • Resolved and issue with doing an UPDATE that modifies the current key
  • Resolved an issue with ODBC returning different KEF( ) values

Corrections and Minor Changes

  • Updated ZIP File processing to report an Error 17 when the file is corrupt instead of Error 12
  • Corrected WindX plugin and opening a PDF viewer with "[LCL]*viewer* issue
  • Improved Drop Box handling in Grid Preset tab
  • Addressed a memory management issue that caused memory file access to be slow under certain conditions
  • Corrected system to return a proper error message when using SELECT and REFILE when HFN returns -1
  • Fixed an Error 14 when adding an Menu item to a Popup Menu under certain conditions
  • Resolved a KEF not returning the correct key when using ODBC
  • Added support for FREECTL FIN call on UNIX when using iNomads
  • Addressed issues with binary blob and blob fields being treated as text string fields incorrectly when using MYSQL
  • Resolved issue with parsing the INI file for column info with ODBC
  • Corrected issue with a defined TINYINT NOT NULL column not creating table entries
  • Corrected pxpado.dll to properly process a stored procedure
  • Addressed issue with Button colors when used in conjunction with 4D border style
  • Added logic to *plus/cs/host to allow forced programs to spawn sessions
  • Added ability to store Apache Webserver Cookie
  • Corrected an issue with 'CIRCLE' PDF output and Windows graphical drawing when the aspect ratio <=0
  • Fixed an issue with System Journaling when updating a file in the Data Dictionary
  • New COM Wrapper with Events example
  • Corrected problem with Visual Classes when a global variable for color is used
  • Add logic to prevent a panel from being deleted when in use
  • Fixed an Error 61 in Query Link File definition
  • Addressed issue with Tree View performance in Views definition
  • Corrected resizing issue with side bar Folders
  • Corrected an issue with Data Dictionary file copy when the name exceeded 30 characters
  • Resolved a resizing issue with Folders that contained a preserved control
  • Addressed a key corruption issue with a negative numeric field that was part of the key
  • Corrected Scripting issue returning extra information during a Query
  • Fixed problem with WindX launcher repeating application name when using SSL
  • Improved the journalization functionality to correctly reset the journal number when the apply is stopped
  • Correct issue with List Views not properly changing focus on start of drag
  • Added logic to *ufac, *ufar, *gui/ufac.w, and *gui/ufar.w to return messages that split files, multi-segmented files and files > 2GB are not supported
  • Resolved issue with multiple PDF channels open at the same time
  • Corrected issue when Spellchecker is used on a control that does not have focus
  • Added new Save capability when testing a report in Report Writer
  • Addressed an Error 29 in NOMADS when creating a panel whose caption is too long
  • Added logic in Data Dictionary Key Definition to prevent issues with partial fields and offsets
  • Corrected problem with Hover, Focus and Disabled Background Colors applied to Buttons with 4D border
  • Added a new %NOMADS'Shifted_Query property to address an issue with a Signal on Exit Multi-Line
  • Resolved RGraph chart issue passing numeric arguments to setOption( ) function
  • Improved display of vertical grid bars on RGraph Scatter chart


  • Corrected problem with using a 'POP' from a non-NOMADS application when using popup windows
  • Added support for non-NOMADS applications to handle input timers
  • Changed logic to dynamically update the field length of a Multi-Line as opposed to redrawing the control from a non-NOMADS application
  • Corrected the dynamic creation logic to handle the LEN= option from a non-NOMADS application
  • Added support for dynamic creation of VARDROP_BOX controls from a non-NOMADS application
  • Corrected issue with images not displaying in a Report View List Box
  • Addressed issues with text justification display on a Button
  • Corrected Grid cell handling so that ENTER will properly start entry/edit mode
  • Fixed issue with dependency definitions generating an error when used with Folders
  • Corrected logic to handle expressions that contain internal commas and square brackets with Grid titles
  • Resolved issues with the Chart control
  • Addressed a Grid font issue where a font was set for the entire Grid

Additional Help Changes

  • Enhanced iNomads documentation with additional information for iNomads Setup, Configuration, Classes, Transactions and Templates
  • Enhanced PxPlus Dashboard documentation with Examples of Widgets created for different Web Service types
  • Updated IT Program Editor documentation with information on the Function/Edit keys, Menu Bar options and Tool Bar options
  • Added documentation for File View and File Update utilities
  • Enhanced SQL ODBC Driver documentation with more Examples and a new Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Incorporated Visual Dictionary Utility documentation into the PxPlus Help
  • Improved PxPlus Help usability by adding more links, refining the Help tree view structure and enhancing page formatting