PxPlus Release

PxPlus 2014 - Feature Pack 1 (version 12.50)

June 2015

PxPlus 2014 - Feature Pack 1 consists of numerous new features, customer-suggested enhancements, and usability improvements, as well as corrections and minor changes.
(click here to view information on the prior Version 12.01)

General Enhancements

  • Enhanced the NOMADS Query subsystem by adding Drop Query functionality that provides Multi-Line drop box queries for input fields
  • Enhanced the Grid column sort indicator to match more closely with the new Windows list view sort indicators
  • Improved the PxPlus Online Update by reporting the date that an update was made available
  • Improved the standard MSGBOX emulation routine msgbox.gui:
    • Updated user interface to closely resemble the Windows message box
    • Added support for three custom buttons
    • Added the ability to control positioning of MSGBOX
  • Enhanced the PxPlus Calendar:
    • Modernized the user interface
    • Added previous/next month scroll buttons
  • Improved handling of GDI resources
  • Improved performance with shared file locks when using OPEN LOAD
  • Improved Query+ load performance
  • Added support for a SETERR clause in any object class definition
  • Added the ability to add a watermark on each page of the PDF file output
  • Added an option to ignore the list box contents color mnemonics for the selected line(s) to improve readability of a highlighted line
  • Converted Windows services programs to graphical user interface for improved usability
  • Enhanced SQL data validation when using ODB by providing additional validation for dates, numerics and length
  • Enhanced GET_FILE_BOX for WindX and iNomads:
    • Improved user interface and usability
    • Increased the dialog size and introduced resizing and sorting capabilities
    • Added support for Directory and Read List formats
  • Added new SuppressCommandErrorTrap property to %Nomads class to provide better control of internal error handling
  • Enhanced WindX host breakpoints
  • Enhanced the system mirroring routines:
    • Added new configuration values %smtp$, %mailto$ and %mailfrom$
    • Added support for the RENAME directive
  • Updated Pvxcom to provide the functionality defined in ProvideX v9


  • Enhanced the Library Browse interface to make creating/copying controls from other panels/libraries easier
  • Improved Grid control usability in designer:
    • Added the ability to select column names in Grid presets and Grid cell logic based on columns defined in Grid Format Definition
    • Added date formatting values to the SortColFmt property in Grid presets
    • Improved the usability and editing capability in the Grid cell logic panel
  • Added logic to automatically increment index to next available when creating a radio button with the same name
  • Expanded Multi-Line functionality by adding a new PermaLock/Query Input attribute to Multi-Line controls to restrict data entry through the Query only.  When used with a Drop Query, the behavior resembles a drop box.
  • Continued to add title bar and help links throughout the PxPlus tool set to provide easy access to Help
  • Added the ability to only enter program label with assigning a Query program

Data Management

PxPlus IDE

  • Enhanced IDE Launcher usability:
    • Changes to the tree view display are retained (persist) to optimize work flow efficiency
    • Added a hover-over tool tip on the "PxPlus IDE" header title to display the serial number of the current PxPlus version
    • Added a hover-over tool tip on the "Project" label to display the working directory
    • Added a hyperlink to the drop box label "Project" that launches the Edit Project dialog when selected


  • Created a new Maintain Projects Utility for adding and maintaining tasks for a Project
  • Improved the File View Utility by adding the field column name for easier identification of data
  • Improved ZIP file copy in *ufc, *ufm, and *ufu utilities
  • Enhanced the Program Compare Utility to compare programs with no line numbers
  • Created a new Panel Conversion Utility for applying panel layout changes to multiple panels simultaneously by converting existing folder controls to Side Bar folders and adding header-type Embedded panels


  • Improved 'key expression' definition user interface in data source relationships for Views
  • Added prefix file support to Views to access external tables
  • Fixed an error in the restrict( ) method when evaluating a column with a format clause expression


  • Enhanced the iNOMADS module for Apache to support the Apache 2.4 Web Server
  • Modified iNOMADS to support mixed character sets between the server process and the Web pages with on-the-fly character set translation
  • Added support for Side Bar folders
  • Added support for images in folder tabs
  • Added AutoColSize, HeaderLock and ColumnSizeLock to List Boxes
  • Added 'sepSort$ for a Report View List Box
  • Added ability to drag and drop in list boxes using the mouse
  • Fixed issue with load-on demand support to List Boxes
  • Added logic to provide a new %nomads'invalid_bmp$ property to define the image to display when a requested image is not found
  • Resolved issue with rectangle radius
  • Improved the display order of graphical controls to better match that of native PxPlus
  • Addressed issue with Tree View item selection
  • Added grid control logic to ignore a Change Focus event to a non-existent column/row
  • Fixed issue with menu selection routine
  • Corrected issue where Radio Button settings were being overridden by default settings
  • Fixed issue with SortColFmt property and dates in grids
  • Corrected issue with Multi-Line validation rules using a negative in a range
  • Fixed issue with Multi-Line losing the font setting when the mask contains "#"
  • Fixed issue using drag and drop in a Report View List Box when dragging an item to a different location within the same list box
  • Corrected issue where the column clicked was off by one when the Report View List Box format contained a bitmap
  • Improved the timing and sequence of grid On Focus events to better reflect NOMADS/Windows controls
  • Resolved problems related to timing and type-ahead
  • Addressed issue with ENTERMODE not properly cascading
  • Adjusted highlighted list box selection to be presented in the proper color regardless of application's setting for the item's color
  • Added the ability to add a status bar when the Window 'S' attribute is present
  • Corrected a color issue with drop downs in grids
  • Revised the load logic to properly do the initial load of an image
  • Added support for %nomads'timeout

ODBC (version 5.20.0002)

  • Added support for VLR and EFF files with numeric keys
  • Resolved an issue with the ODBC driver writing data to the incorrect field if updating a file with existing field data longer than the field length defined in the data dictionary
  • Addressed an issue with the REPLACE scalar function resulting in an error if the replacement text contained the search text
  • Improved performance by correcting an issue with accessing views defined with a sort key that is not key 0 that prevented ODBC driver from properly optimizing based on the actual sort key
  • Fixed an issue when accessing views via a query that included ORDER BY when caching was not enabled
  • Resolved an issue with handling an equals comparison on a table with a hidden key field
  • Fixed TOP n feature in a Sub-Query

Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed issue with Report viewer not saving watermark settings when changed
  • Fixed an error 47 in Query+ when selecting Import Profiles
  • Addressed issue with incorrect popup menu appearing when using group items in panel designer
  • Addressed issue accessing COM ports while a Prefix is in effect
  • Addressed issue with About Info button when using IE11
  • Added logic to create a syntax issue when using incorrect apostrophes in code
  • Improved functionality for Auto Complete setup, formatting and deleting of entries
  • Addressed issue with KEC within a Select statement
  • Fixed record size issue with FIB( ) and FIN( ) when used in conjunction with ADO
  • Addressed issue with Report View List Box FIND when using the finditemText$ property
  • Resolved issues with timing and the debug interface when using Linux
  • Corrected issue with Calendar button remaining visible after removing the Multi-Line
  • Modified the double click logic for a grid cell to take it into edit mode
  • Fixed an error 47 when using "Save As" in IT Editor
  • Resolved an error 12 when accessing a printer by its UNC name on Windows 2008 and higher
  • Increased the number of DLL callbacks to five, with up to 15 arguments
  • Updated MySQL interface to handle non-nullable columns
  • Addressed issue with Write not updating ADO data
  • Corrected issue with the insertion of auto increment keys at times causing an error 1
  • Addressed issue with IOL error 49 when using LST( )
  • Fixed issue when pasting code examples from Help file so that syntax errors in PxPlus are no longer generated
  • Resolved issue with 'DD' parameter in Start_up when using Simple Client-Server
  • Addressed issue with Host Breakpoints not always firing
  • Resolved issue with INI file not forwarding to new session when using *NTHOST
  • Increased the number parameters being reported and checked in NOMADS Export/Import Panel utilities
  • Addressed the usability of scroll bars for Multi-Line controls
  • Addressed a performance issue with the Search/Replace utility when using Add/Drop All on WindX

Additional Help Changes

  • Integrated the Wiki iNOMADS documentation into the PxPlus Help and added instructions for setting up Apache 2.4
  • Incorporated the Wiki Extended NOMADS Objects documentation into the PxPlus Help
  • Updated the Property List that is used to define PxPlus control objects
  • Updated the list of Graphical Control Object properties and added links for the control object types and their corresponding properties
  • Reorganized the NOMADS Variables page and arranged the lists in alphabetical order for improved readability
  • Added a list of keyboard Edit Keys to the NOMADS Graphical Application help
  • Implemented general improvements to Help to enhance usability, such as refining the search topic titles and Help tree view structure