Unix/Linux Installation


What you need:

a) Product Download (.taz or .tar.Z file from PVX Plus download section or CD)
b) Product Activation Key

In order to install PVX Plus Technologies Development Suite on a Unix/Linux system, you will first need to download the 'tar' file from our download site. Two types of tar files exist on this site, a '.taz' file, and a '.tar.Z' file. Once downloaded, these files will need to be expanded and restored into the target directory on your system. Then, you may proceed to the activation process.

Note: in order to complete the installation process you have 30 days in which to fully register your software with PVX Plus Technologies

Activation Keys:

When you order PxPlus you will receive either one or two 25 character activation keys with your order.

If you ordered the complete PxPlus Development Suite, you should have received two keys, one for the core ProvideX product and one for the PxPlus enhancements.

If you only ordered a PxPlus upgrade, you will receive only one activation key for the PxPlus enhancements. Please use your original ProvideX activation key to activate the ProvideX portion.

If the system you are activating is connected to the internet, you only need to activate the core ProvideX portion. The system can obtain all other activation key information through the internet.

If not connected to the internet, you will need to enter both the core ProvideX key and the PxPlus enhancement key. Then, follow instructions under PxPlus Registration to complete the registration process.

Steps to Install: (If upgrading from regular ProvideX please see here.)

1) Download/copy the “tar” file to your Unix/Linux system.
2) Create your target directory. We suggest that you use /pxplus for the directory name.
    mkdir /pxplus
3) Change to the target directory
    cd /pxplus
4) Expand and restore the tar files (Replace download.tar in the example below with the name of the file you downloaded (with the trailing .Z, if present)
  For .taz file: tar -xvzf download.taz
  For .tar.Z file: uncompress download.tar
tar -xvf
5) Skip this step, if using a 25 charcter ProvideX Activation Key. Run the pvxactv program as described in the ProvideX installation documentation. Once that is completed you can then activate using the 25 character PxPlus key as described in step 6 below.
6) To activate the product with the 25 character key(s) provided, invoke the program pxpreg found in the target directory.
  To be Prompted: ./pxpreg

Enter the above command to run the registration/activation program pxpreg. You will be prompted to enter both the registered user name (usually the company/installation name) and the activation key provided with your order.
  With Key: ./pxpreg -k xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

You can include the key on the command line. In this case the system will only prompt for the registered user name only. If a totally non-interactive activation is desired, you can include -n "User name" on the command line.
  Change Serials: ./pxpreg -i

If already have activated using a demo key or different serial number, you can include a '-i' on the command line to re-initialize the key file. This can be combined with the -k option.
  Demonstration Key: ./pxpreg -d

Use the above command to activate PxPlus in demonstration mode which provides a 30 day trial period during which almost all features of the environment are enabled.

PxPlus Registration:

You will need to register your installation within 30-days of activation. If your system is connected to the internet, you may automatically register online.

Whenever you run pxplus without specifying a starting/lead program on the command line, the system will check to see if you have registered your software. If the software is not registered, the system will prompt you to register it online. Selecting YES, will initiate the online registration process.

If your system does not have direct access to the internet (or if the online registration is unavailable), you may register your software manually. Before you manually register the software, you will need to obtain some information about your system. Enter the command pxpreg –v and the following screen will be displayed:

Key file: /pxplus/lib/ACTIVATE.PVX

Registered to: PVX Plus Unix/Linux system

System id: 2878214555
Class: 686

Base Serial 4321, 10 users, V7, UnRegistered
Exp: 2005-08-18, Flags:40003000

You will need to provide the System ID, Class, Serial Number, and User Count, in order to obtain the registration key from your distributor. With this information, they can generate and provide you with your system registration key.

Once you obtain the registration key, you can record it on the system by using the command pxpreg -k keyvalue (where keyvalue is the key you have been given.)

Please note that the registration process and the registration key are ONLY valid for the system on which you have installed your software. If you need to reinstall the software or move it to another system, you will have to request a new registration key from your distributor.

Upgrading Providex:

In order to simplify the upgrading of an existing ProvideX system to PxPlus we suggest the following:

Once upgraded the activation keys will be shared between PxPlus and ProvideX. You may continue to run either however the total number of users active at any time will apply to both.

Using Old-style 16/17 Character Hex Keys:

PVX Plus Technologies keys consist of a 25-character alphanumeric string (five groups of five characters). If you are upgrading a standard ProvideX system to PxPlus, we have also supplied a copy of pvxactv, which maybe used to enter the standard ProvideX serial number, user count, and activation key.