PxPlus Releases

PxPlus 2022 (version 19.00)

May 2022

PxPlus 2022 consists of various new features and enhancements, including Webster+, File Maintenance Generator and Report Writer enhancements, updated PxPlus security with OpenSSL 3.0.2 and much more.

Major New Features

  • Added OpenSSL 3.0.2 support
  • Enhanced Webster+
  • Enhanced File Maintenance Generator to support new Webster+ enhancements
  • Updated the Chromium Browser Object to use the latest Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) library
  • Ability to define File Access Web services to simplify the creation of REST-based URL-style read and write requests for accessing files
  • New PxPlus System Analysis utility to analyze and troubleshoot a PxPlus installation and setup
  • New PxPlus Wiki to maintain application documentation

PxPlus 2022 Enhancements

Language Changes

  • Usability enhancements for adding Watch Variables and Break Points when using PxPlus Debugging Environment
  • Ability to identify in the launch message and the system tray when EZWeb Server is running in Secure mode
  • Enhanced Chromium Browser Object to display a warning page which users can choose to ignore if loading a Web page with a certificate error
  • Ability to specify the maximum file size that the PxPlus Log File can attain when defining the Log File
  • Added the ability to use HTML Named Colors
  • Improved the CLIP system command to clip from the current program level instead of program level one
OPTION Mnemonics
  • Ability to specify the maximum file size that the PxPlus Log File can attain when defining the LogFile

    Note: The above option can be read using the FIN function.

Enhanced IDE, Nomads, iNomads and Toolkit

  • New Secure fields added to the IDE EZWeb Server launcher
    • SSL Certificate field to specify the PEM or PFX file containing server certificate information
    • Certificate Key field to specify the PEM file containing the certificate private key
    • PFX Password field to enter the PFX certificate password
  • Enhanced capability for setting Folder tabs State colors by using %Nomads properties, Themes and Visual Classes
  • Ability to Choose an Initial Sort Column when using a Smart List Box or Smart Grid
  • Added Calendar Definition to the Utilities menu in both Library Object Selection and Nomads Session Manager
  • Ability to assign a bitmap when the Text property for a Button, Check Box and Radio Button is defined as fixed, expression or message library reference
File Maintenance Generator
  • Webster+ Inspector changes
  • Added support to allow the use of certain PxPlus functions in Webster+ Calculations
  • Added a PxPlus Wiki for maintaining your application documentation
  • New Webster+ Setup options added to the Misc. tab
    • Wiki Subsystem Enabled option to allow the system to check for Wiki documentation on the pages in the system
    • Wiki Link Text option to enter the HTML text to display when Wiki documentation is available or can be added to the system
    • Dynamic Wiki Creation option to allow the system to dynamically create basic Wiki documentation on-the-fly for the pages displayed
    • Google Maps APIKey option to enter an API Key obtained from Google
    • Enable MSGBOX directive option to allow the application to issue MSGBOX directives for display on the server console
  • New Webster+ Methods
    • AddRow method used to add a row to a Grid
    • ChgRow method used to update an existing row in a Grid
    • DelRow method used to delete an existing row in a Grid
    • OptionBox method used to update a named infobox with message text followed by up to five options from which the user can select
    • PopInput method used to provide an enhanced MsgBox that will prompt for input
  • Ability to create Drag/Drop Lists
  • New Webster+ Short Codes and Short Code Options
    • Dragitem/Dropitem short codes that can be used interchangeably to define the items in a drag/drop list
    • Draglist/Droplist short codes that can be used interchangeably to insert a box containing items that can be dragged/dropped to another drag/drop list or rearranged within the box itself
    • Map short code for inserting a Google map directly into the HTML page
    • Dataclass option that is used on the [input] short code to look up input characteristics based on the specified data class
    • Dropmenu option that adds a drop arrow on the right edge of a button to launch the specified menu
    • Dropon option that is specified on a drag/drop list and defines a comma-separated list of drag/drop lists into which its items can be dropped
    • Itemclass option that defines the HTML class (CSS) to be applied to each of the items in a drag/drop list
    • Key option that allows specification of the Google Map API key alignment
    • Static option that is used on the [map] short code to indicate that the map is to display as a fixed image
    • Symbol option that is used to declare the symbol to appear in front of the text for a drag/drop item
    • Zoom option that defines the zoom factor for a [map] short code
  • New Webster+ Classes for drag/drop lists
    • Candelete class used to indicate that all items in the list are to have a small "x" on the right edge for deleting the item when clicked
    • Fullline class used to indicate that all items in the list are to occupy the full line in the list, not just the width of the contents
    • Square class used to indicate that all items in the list are to be drawn with square corners
  • New Webster+ no_newline class that can be used on a [button] short code to suppress the new line that generally follows the button
  • New Webster+ Events
    • Addto event that can be applied to an [input] short code to indicate that the input value changed by the user will be added as a new item to the drag/drop list
    • Map event that can be added to a button to display a popup window with a Google Map for the address provided
  • New Webster+ Queries
    • Calculator query to display a calculator keypad
    • Google Map query to display a Google map for a specified address
    • Open File query to display an open file selection dialog
  • Added support for setting up Webster+ using an IIS Server
  • Enhanced iNomads calendar logic to support multiple date formats
  • Added a new default Image size when using an iNomads popup
  • Added the ability to use HTML Named Colors
Themes and Visual Classes
  • Added text Alignment and Word Wrap capability for Buttons, Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
  • Added Colors (States) properties for Folders
  • Added Disable Background Color and Disable Text Color properties for Drop Boxes, List Boxes, Multi-Lines, Variable Drop Boxes and Variable List Boxes
Data Dictionary
  • Enhanced the entry of Notes associated with a selected data element
  • Updated the GetIndexDescription$( ) method in database/PVXDb objects to show columns in descending order by appending "/d"
Data Class Definition
  • Added the ability to enter Notes associated with a Data Class definition


  • Added support for one to many relationships in the *VIEW* interface

Query Changes

Report Writer

  • New Post Report Logic option to specify a program or logic to invoke when a report is completed
  • New Suppress Post Report Logic option to suppress execution of defined Post Report Logic while previewing or printing the report within the Report Designer
  • Ability to define Dynamic Run-Time Filters by specifying the data elements that users can choose from to filter a report at run time
  • Ability to specify the Destination Pathname for the output file of a report
  • Ability to generate multiple individual reports based on data Groups within a report
  • Ability to Force a New Page within a Detail line group
  • New Ignore Class Validations option in Report Parameters to allow a value to be entered at run time that would not pass validation (e.g. Start/End value ranges)

PxIO Library and PxServer

  • Upgraded to OpenSSL 3.0.2

Utilities and Commands

  • *MAP utility that uses the Google Maps interface to display a popup window on the screen with the address specified
  • *TOOLS/REGEXSUB utility to perform regular expression substitution similar to Apache RedirectMatch
  • *TOOLS/HOSTTEST utility to test your system to confirm that WindX can spawn a subordinate task using the *plus/cs/spawn (*plus/spawn) utility
  • *TOOLS/CHARTIMAGE utility enhanced to retrieve Chart Definition
  • *TOOLS/SMS utility enhanced to allow SMS service name to be case insensitive

Other Changes for Reference

Nomads Properties


  • CertErrExceptions$ property added to Chromium Browser Object to Get/Set a list of servers where certificate errors are ignored

INI Contents Options

  • Ability to specify the maximum file size that the PxPlus Log File can attain when defining the LogFile

Environment Variables

  • Ability to specify the maximum file size that the PxPlus Log File can attain when defining PXP_LOGFILE
  • Added PXP_WEB_BSZ for setting a larger TCP block size (BSZ) value that will allow PxPlus Web Server to handle larger responses