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PxPlus Releases
Version 11.50 Feb 2014

Version 11.50 PxPlus - Feature Pack 1 for V11

The following is a list of major enhancements and new features that have been included in this release.
(click here to view information on the prior Version 11.00)

NOTE to clients using SCO:
This is the final release for SCO versions of PxPlus and the new IO Server is not supported on any SCO build of 11.50.
  • Introducing support for two new packages:
    1. The PxPlus IO Server provides high-speed multi-threaded remote file access over TCP/IP (not available on SCO)
    2. myTiles™ by PVX Plus Technologies brings the world of Windows 8 and the new Start screen to PxPlus applications
  • New Chart generation and scheduler packages have been added to the system that take chart output and generate images for use on the web.
  • Added built-in ability support to encrypt passworded input fields with the new Encrypt property for MULTI_LINES.
  • Developed a new XML Object Utility that can be used to simplify the processing of XML data.
  • To assist programmers, system documentation has been centralized in the online and built-in CHM help files.
  • A new TRY( )Function has been added that can be used to yield a return value should an expression generate an error.
  • Added support for CDATA to the XML( ) function.
  • Enhanced the FIN function FILELENGTH option to return the total file size of all segments for a multi-segmented VLR file.
  • Added a new FIN function value of SSL_PROTOCOL to return the version of OpenSSL in use.
  • Added new capabilities to the Option mnemonic..:
    For controlling Radio Buttons/Check Boxes
    - 'OPTION'("CB_RB_TextFont", "1" | "0" ) Controls the font to use for Radio button and check box text. Setting to "1" causes the system to display text using fixed text plane font. Default is to use the graphical font ("0").
    - 'OPTION'("CaptureClientOnly", "1" | "0" ) Controls the SAVE CONTROL font to use for Radio button and check box text. Setting to "1" causes the system to display text using fixed text plane font. Default is to use the graphical font ("0").
    NOTE: All the above are also available to read using the FIN function
  • Modified system parameters 'FB', 'I2', 'KR', 'LU', 'MB', 'SK' and 'VE' to be passed along to the new File IO Server.
  • Added new 'CC' System Parameter which controls the checking of program cache prior file pathname validation
  • Enhanced the 'PC' System Parameter to clear the object cache whenever changed to allow programs to better control caching of objects.
  • Added the 'RF' System Parameter which can be used to control the algorithm used by the RND function.
  • A new Query Profile Information Maintenance utility (v11.50) provides a means to manually remove or copy entries in the Query Persistence files that pertain to hiding/showing columns, dynamic filters and favorite records.
  • Enhanced the handling of language suffixes within Nomads so that applications no longer need to include a language suffix when accessing a panel/query.
  • The default program setting on a Panel header has been enhanced to allow it to be set to obj=XXXXXX where XXXXXX is the object to use to Process the panel.
  • Updated the Nomads Designer to handle new properties:
    1. Buttons, Checkboxes and Tristate Boxes: Hover cursor ('cursor).
    2. All listboxes & Dropbox: Disable on empty ('DisableOnEmpty)
    3. Report view listboxes: Column Size Lock ('ColumnSizeLock), Grid Lines ('Excelstyle), Header Lock ('HeaderLock), Lock Bottom Rows ('LockBottom), Sort Options ('SortOrder$)
    4. Multi_lines: Scrollbar (if required) ('Scroll).
  • Nomads folders have been improved to provide for security allowing the application suppress folder based on user security settings.
  • Improved the Data Class definitions for Drop box and list boxes to provide a minimum height to be used in File Maintenance generation.
  • Added the following new Nomads Object interface events:
    1. PanelInitialized(panel_id$,library$) called after all panel initialization is complete
    2. PanelTerminated(panel_id$,library$) called after all panel wrap-up logic has completed
    3. PostResize_xxxxx() called after all logic complete relative the resize of a panel
  • Added a new method IsCtlInGroup(id, group$) to the %nomads object to simplify the determination of whether a control is in a specific group
  • Migrated all %NOMADS and %NOMAD global variables to the *obj/nomads (%nomads) object. (Existing code will remain functional)
  • Added a new oPanel property to the %nomads objects which contains the current (topmost) object being handling by Nomads.
  • Added new 'X' option to the dictionary update program (*dict/dd_updt;Update_Physical) to suppress re-creating an empty file when the update is 'dictionary only'.
  • AutoChart Definition File Maintenance provides a means to manually remove or copy entries in the chart definition files (chart.inf).
  • The iNomads Apache interface has been corrected to provide proper session resume functionality
  • Improved the Apache and Easyweb interfaces to detect a transaction exit URL and allow it to start a new transaction.
  • Implemented a new List view and Grid interface that better handles large lists and touchpad devices.
  • Provided new paged output for list views and grids to simplify the handling of long lists where scroll bars may not be desirable.
  • Added font support to List boxes and Drop boxes.
  • Improved compatibility with NOMADS in terms of the internal sequence when GRID presets are evaluated during panel load.
  • Added support of Calendar Controls to iNomads.
  • Error reporting for problems that might occur during the HTML rendering logic has been improved.
  • New system utilities to generate images
    1. *tools/chartimage - Generates a chart image file based on an AutoChart defintion.
    2. *tools/htmlimage - Generates an image of a web page
  • The *obj/group object has been changed to allow 'Select 0 to indicate no item selected.
  • Added %WINDX_HOST for compatibility with NTHost and %PXPLUS_CLIENT$ workstation IP to Simple Client server interface.
  • Improved the handling of dates in the CSV import utility
  • Added an option to print the data dictionary generated by an import.
  • Upgraded the SVN interface to be compatible with Tortoise SVN Version 1.8.
  • Improved message displayed by the Version Control System when a new data file using the text flag is added.
  • Increased the maximum size of an image returned by the Signature Capture getImage$() method in the Nomads environment to match that of iNomads.
  • Added environmental hooks to the Version Control System to establish the programming environment pre/post updating the programs/files.
  • Updated RGraph charts to a more current version to support IE v9+.
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Upgraded Windows system to use OpenSSL version 1.0.1f, which is the latest as of January 2014
  • The MYSQL interface has been enhanced to escape all column names so that columns names that conflict with reserved words can be accessed.
  • Updated Google charts to use the current Google Corechart package.
  • Improved the rendering of lines in the PDF driver to use fractional parts or a point.
  • Improved the TAB sequence for the FIND window in *it.
  • Resolved a problem with the GRID sort when accessing cells with no values.
  • Changed the button draw logic to only scale images whose height is greater than 16 pixels.
  • Resolved a problem with ADO when using PREPARED statements with a KEY= clause.
  • Corrected problem with WindX when creating remote files with Keynames.
  • Corrected the representation of HEX data in SQL commands for the DB2 interface.
  • Corrected issue with the FIN function when used to access the number of rows in a MySQL database using NUMREC.
  • Addressed a timing issue in google charts that could result in a chart not being displayed the first time.
  • Fixed the click event on Google Pie chart slices in iNomads.
  • Fixed SVN TARGET and SVN REGISTER commands to recognize the SVN version control system.
  • Addressed an issue in the Signature Capture getImage$() method which truncated images to 32K in the Nomads interface.
  • Corrected a resource leak when drawing transparent buttons.
  • Corrected an issue with the GRID control that caused it to ignore the 'Border property when drawing 4D style controls.
  • Resolved an issue caused when setting the current Row or Column and the prior setting was off the grid.
  • Corrected a problem in the Windows printer driver interface that prevented the ORIENTATION option from properly being applied.
  • Added logic to SVN 'target' command to check for possible corrupted hook scripts.
  • Corrected issue in HTML reports generated by the PxPlus ReportWriter that resulted in expressions being evaluated twice when printed.
  • Corrected the key being passed to Maintenance panels invoked from a Query+ interface.
  • Corrected multi_select for list boxes in iNomads to not sort the results.
  • Resolved problem with the FTP utilities where it attempted to use a FOR loop to process data when none was received.
  • Corrected problem with folder style Nomads designer not preserving Tree View state images.
  • Corrected iNomads problem with dynamically created Radio_buttons being cleared from folders.
  • Fixed the use of the STR format mask used to update Nomads panels which occurred when using a different decimal point.
  • Corrected the fldr'droptab() problem which caused controls on the first tab to be lost when using preserve controls.
  • Resolved an error 41 that occurred in *it when double-clicking on a method in the Synopsis view.
  • Corrected iNomads formatted list boxes and list views to properly expose the ItemCount property.
  • Fixed problem in Nomads that occurred when changing folders with a concurrent window open.
  • Resolved an issue in SVN TARGET and REGISTER commands where the version control system was not set to 'SVN'.
  • Corrected logic error in *win/flmaint.pvc where the system didn't properly check for error.
  • Addressed issue in Google charts where initial chart display is empty.
  • Resolved a problem with the order of CTL values received when right-clicking on a listview with auto turned on.
  • Addressed JavaScript issue in Google charts which occurred when clicking twice on the same chart segment.

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

0001 Minor corrections
  • Fixed column sort algorithm in Query+ to sort properly when sort length specified
  • Added "Default" option to Query+ column date sorting options to use format value in %nomads'DateSort$
  • Corrected problem with the IIS interface for iNomads when spawning tasks
  • Resolved divide by zero caused by only have zero width/height controls in a resizable panel
  • Fixed issue with %NOMADS object when initializing variables
  • Fixed issue in Rgraph Charts where a 'point' and 'set' text causes javascript errors when they contained apostrophes
  • Improved handling of grids on touch devices
  • Fixed problem with setting of background colours on iNomads Grids
  • Resolved some broken links on the system help file

WINDOWS ONLY correction

  • Updated the OpenSSL DLLs to version 1.0.1g to address the HeartBleed SSL encryption issue.
0002 Minor corrections
  • Addressed issue in File Maintenance where panels with one key field and no data fields would not enable the Write button
  • Corrections to MyTiles maintenance routines to allow them to work via WindX
  • Corrected problem with reference to %nomads_stk$ variable which is now a property
  • Fixed column sort algorithm in Query+ to sort properly when sort length specified.
  • Corrected divide by zero when the resizable minimum & maximum column widths are zero in iNomads
  • Resolved error 88 in *getlang
  • Corrected problem when using Julian date formats in data files that were not delimited or defined length was too small.
  • Corrected syntax tables for functions using the HIDE option and reserved words for function names.
  • Enhanced iNomads Apache module so it is compatible with Apache version 2.2 and/or 2.4
  • Added "Default" option to Query+ column date sorting options to use format value in %nomads'DateSort$
  • Corrected problem with *MEMORY* key generation on records with NO field separators
  • Added logic to avoid bell ring during input of Blank when Zero numbers
  • Improved MySql OPEN logic to verify the existance of table in the database
  • Enhanced colour definition logic to support the use of the words LITE or LIGHT and GREY or GRAY
  • Addressed issue where Query+ may not load entire file when there were no filters on the query.
  • Resolved a concurrent update issue with ADO caused when multiple tasks add the same record at the same time.
  • Corrected an iNomads problem setting Radio button states

Supplemental release V11.65:

In order to provide access to a variety of PxPlus 2014 run-time executable corrections a special version 11.65 was released in April 2015. This version included the following updates

  • Addressed issue with About Info button when using IE11
  • Added logic to create a syntax issue when using incorrect apostrophes
  • Improved functionality for Auto Complete setup, formatting and deleting of entries
  • Addressed issue with KEC within a Select statement
  • Fixed record size issue with FIB() and FIN() when used in conjunction with ADO
  • Improved performance and shared file locks when using OPEN LOAD
  • Addressed issue with Report View List Box FIND when using the finditemText$ property
  • Resolved issues with timing and the debug interface when using Linux
  • Addressed issue accessing COM ports while a Prefix is in effect
  • Corrected issue with Calendar button remaining visible after removing the Multi-line
  • Corrected grid sort indicator in NOMADS
  • Modified double click logic for a grid cell to take it into edit mode
  • Resolved an error 12 when accessing a printer by its UNC name on Windows 2008 and higher
  • Increased the number of DLL callbacks to five, with up to 15 arguments
  • Updated MySQL interface to handle non-nullable columns
  • Adjusted rendering of the transparent area for .ico images when using the T option
  • Addressed issue with Write not updating ADO data
  • Corrected issue with the insertion of auto increment keys at times causing an error 1
  • Addressed issue with IOL error 49 when using LST()
  • Fixed issue with excelstyle 2 and 3 in grids
  • Resolved issue with rectangle radius
  • Improved the display order of graphical controls to better match that of PxPlus native
  • Addressed issue with Tree View item selection
  • Added grid control logic to ignore a Change Focus event to a non-existent column/row
  • Fixed issue with menu selection routine
  • Corrected issue where Radio Button settings were being overridden by default settings
  • Fixed issue with SortColFmt property and dates in grids
  • Corrected issue with Multi-line validation rules using a negative in a range
  • Fixed issue with Multi-line losing the font setting when the mask contains "#"
  • Fixed issue using drag/drop in a Report View List Box when dragging an item to a different location within the same list box
  • Corrected issue where the column clicked was off by one when the Report View List Box format contained a bitmap
  • Improved the timing and sequence of grid On Focus events to better reflect NOMADS/Windows controls
  • Resolved problems related to timing and type-ahead
  • Addressed issue with ENTERMODE not properly cascading
  • Adjusted highlighted list box selection to be presented in the proper color regardless of application's setting for the item's color
  • Added the ability to add a status bar when the Window 'S' attribute is present
  • Corrected a color issue with drop downs in grids