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PxPlus Releases
Version 10.20 - Feature Pack 2 Oct 2012

Version 10.20 PxPlus - Feature Pack 2

Version 10.20 is second feature pack for PxPlus version 10 (FP2) and is provided as a free upgrade to all Version 10 PxPlus licenses. It includes a number of new features and some corrections to the Version 10 PxPlus product.

The following is a partial list of the PxPlus enhancements included with this feature pack.
(click here to view information on the prior Version 10.10 FP1)

  • Added package 21020 "Signature capture" for Nomads and iNomads
  • A new "EZWeb Server" has been added to simplify setup of iNomads
  • The Version Control System has had the following enhancements:
    - Now supports Tortoise SVN version 1.7 and its use of SQLite data structures
    - Added an option to store data files (Keyed and Indexed) as textual data on the SVN repository to make change recording easier to track. .
  • Added Raspberry PI (ARM processor) as a new platform
  • Enhanced the TIP logic as follows:
    - The default is now to use Windows style tips (3D).
    - When using Windows style tips the first line may be surrounded by asterisks to Bold the title line.
  • Search rules for user commands was expanded to include a _cmd directory in the application starting directory
  • Added support for old Windows 3.1 themed Drop boxes when using '2D'
  • Enhanced performance of the MySQL interface.
    - Improved performance on KEF/KEL/KEP so that a subsequent read returns record data retrieved during the key access
    - Added a PREFETCH=Y/N option that when enabled has MySQL fetch and locally cache data retrieved from a selection of multiple records. This improves performance when reading sequentially but can yield 'stale' data
    - Improved use of prepared statements to only be done on selected statements.
    - Added a SUBQUERY=Y/N to control use of LIMIT n on a sub-query when accessing single records (such as KEF, KEL, KEP). This will override the auto-detect of MySQL version levels to determine which will function.
    - Added support of MEDIUMTEXT and LONGTEXT columns
  • Added IOPROG as option on all SQL based interfaces: ADO, DB2 and ODB
  • Improved the TOP= logic in the ODB interface to automatically adapt to SQL Server, MySql, or Oracle syntax
  • Improved command mode error reporting to show additional error message data.
  • New Configuration setting "DefaultCommandLine" that defines command line to use only if no command line arguments are supplied
  • Improved transparency support for PNG by considering pixels with <10% visibility fully transparent.
  • Added automatic loading of PXPIMAGES.DLL image library if present.
  • Increased buffer size for NTSLAVE and Web Server to improve performance
  • Improved logic in Database access to only override field definitions from database for fields that were not defined.
  • -none-
  • 'PICTURE' mnemonic has been enhanced to provide for the flipping and inversion of images (excludes animated GIFs)
  • Enhanced the logic used for font file location definition 'OPTION'("PDFFONTDIR", xxx) mnemonic on Linux.
  • Changed default graphic font to system GUI font (*GUIFONT), as opposed to System font, to improve display.
  • HTML Editor control - Updated to TinyMCE 3.57 and improved support of IE9
  • Added use of the new Utility Program "*nextseq" to define next sequence number for Data Dictionary file.
  • Added 'active' folder text colour option %NOMADS_ACTV_FOLDER_TEXTCLR$ to control colour of Active folder tab text
  • Provided support for the new image transformation options (Rotate, Crop, Flip, and Inversion)
  • Performed a code/screen clean-up of the Nomads Security programs.
  • Added ability to create re-sizer buttons to Folder style Nomads button maintenance.
  • Added $00$ as a possible standard delimiter for list views.
  • Improved performance by eliminating unnecessary Font testing.
  • Revised file maintenance
    - Added support for surrogate keys (reference IDs)
    - Provided an Update facility that allowed for selective regeneration of panels,
  • Added transparent background to Multi lines
  • Added the ability to use *win/color.qry as a query for colour selection.
  • Improved Bitmap selector Mark II.
  • New Popup blocker logic that will detect if a window is blocked and provide a simple way to force the display.
  • Improved emulation values returned by OBJ(0) function.
  • Changed order of initialization routines for folders to match Nomads and Focus detection for next tab.
  • Added STRETCH support to iNomads resize logic
  • Enhanced template editing with the ability to view/edit files on the web.
  • Improved rendering of Button images to provide consistency between browsers.
  • Added logic to make sure all values passed on a URL command contain proper variable names.
  • A new Data Conversion/Import Utility has been developed to import CSV (spreadsheet) data into files
  • The Report Writer has been enhanced to support variable height lines.
  • There is a new "*getlocale" subroutine that will provide OS date, time, and language defaults to the application in a consistent manner.
  • There is a new Directory tree utility to walk directory tree structures.
  • Improved redirect request handling in the *plus/web/request program
  • The Report Wizard was updated to check %RW_Suppress$ to suppress input sources (T=Logical table, F=Physical File, V=View)
  • The IT editor was enhanced to print a range of highlighted lines.
  • The WindX static download utility allows the use of setting the question text for update to "*force*" in order to cause the system to update unconditionally.
  • Ensured any calls to the WDW command were ignored when running iNomads or text mode.
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Correction for Delete all function in *obj/group object which attempted to clear array which was never defined
  • Corrected problem saving PDF files to driver root and the inclusion of a trailing slash in the directory name.
  • Forced all variables used by the spell checker interface routine to be local.
  • Addressed issue where right-click query persistence settings made during design testing used the work version of the query name as opposed to the proper query name.
  • Addressed issue where typing a second character in a query overwrote first character in 'From' input after sorting by column.
  • Fixed issue where version control logic was being performed for panels deleted outside the version control system.
  • GUI File View utility - Fixed issue where fields did not display individually when displaying a file with no (i.e. dynamic) field separators in single-record display mode.
  • Fixed name of controls to use proper case.
  • Corrected problem with large files in file copy logic with percent complete computation.
  • Changed application work file location for appserver to better serve large accounts.
  • Corrected minor discrepancy opening views files with OPEN OBJECT
  • Fixed the *it.inf Delete function that was calling unknown function _is_prg$ instead of _is_prg.
  • Resolved a problem with the GUI File View utility where the previous key button did not work when browsing the file if 'bx' set
  • Added -BKG option to Windows CGI scripts to resolve problem with user counts
  • Corrected problem with PDF files coming from Unix having $0a$ converted to $0d0a$
  • Fixed a problem with memory files and the handling of Dynamic Separators
  • Resolved potential memory corruption when using OCXs and debug mode active.
  • Improved input length handling on larger windows and resolved issue with EDIT line command on windows being too small.
  • Improved speed of Radio_button displays.
  • Corrected problem where PROGRAM directive did not use program prefix first.
  • Fix for IF xxx THEN --var to flip the increment/decrement operator
  • Fixed problem with 'OPTION'("LOGFILE",...) on Unix/Linux not properly working.
  • Fixed WAIT timer problem in ADO.
  • Fixed crash caused by issuing START when doing jump tracing
  • Corrected bug in the READ logic for grid and auto complete property.
  • Corrected problem with Grid loading multiple cells while non-standard numeric insertion codes (TH/DP) are in use.
  • Corrected problem with calling time function on Linux systems that used a 64 bit time value.
  • Fixed PDF logic for wrapping text
  • Allowed user to specify either "Color=" or "Colour=" on printer property list (still returns COLOR only).
  • Enhanced logic to escape a backslash with a backslash in all database/SQL interfaces.
  • Fixed problem with dropping SSL library when TCP closes.
  • Fixed problem with SYS function not properly testing for ERR= clause
  • Corrected a GRID redraw error for column 0 row 0
  • Corrected image handling on Buttons when using PNG files
  • Fix for Image loading problem with not caching *bmp files which would cause multiple instances of *bmp images to be loaded into memory.
  • Corrected problem with *bitmap* whose DPI is too small to handle printing any data.
  • iNomads
    - Corrected problem with list box deletes not properly adjusting the internal list of selected items.
    - Made minor adjustments to the placement of drop boxes to match multi-lines and button heights.
    - Corrected discrepancy in the %inomads'WEB_URL$ value between Apache and IIS
    - Fixed problem with custom style sheets appearing twice in the HTML
    - Fixed looping problem caused when setting replacement folder = to current folder.
    - Fixed problem with placement of Query button when not using Render absolute
    - Adjusted error 41 reporting in list boxes to properly emulate WindX settings
    - Corrected version restriction for Resize 'Stretch' option from 11 to 10.
  • Nomads
    - Format Definition for list boxes and grids - Fixed error 60 that occurred when deleting a line from the definition when there was only one line to delete.
    - Fixed resizing definition to anchor ok/apply/cancel buttons to right in Query definitions.
    - Fixed 'Copy selected record(s)' option for varlist and dropbox types on list box query function.
    - Corrected error in refresh logic not setting ID and ID$ when doing a refresh cycle. Caused potential problems with formatting logic.
    - Corrected a problem with *winproc incorrectly setting the default_prog$ while loading folders.
    - In the Data Dictionary Maintenance main panel, added dependency to prevent physical updates when the physical file pathname cannot be evaluated.
    - Fixed a problem in the Nomads Designer (Folder version) where Copy/Paste of Radio Buttons within a set were given different names
    - Fixed error 46 that could occur when bulk-editing font if default font is null
    - Corrected version restriction for Resize 'Stretch' option from 11 to 10.
    - Addressed issue in the query system where clicking on horizontal scroll bar could cause an invalid IOLIST, if there were hidden columns.

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

0001 Minor corrections
  • Replaced the PVXCOM.EXE module on the windows installs to one that did not require external DLL libraries
  • Enhanced the Excel data import utility to improve its handling of empty columns and duplicate column names
  • Corrected HELPME command to use correct ERR function syntax
  • Modified the report viewer to not use Passworded control files in order to allow it to function with PxBasic
  • Fixed problem with the SVN utilities when dealing with spaces in the pathnames
  • Improved the *UDV utility so it would display EFF file types
  • Corrected problem with passing Dynamic arrays to subprograms
0002 Minor corrections
  • Resolved problem with printing PNG files that contained transparency
  • Minor correction to properly clear the contents of prior SQL commands on display and KEN function
  • Corrected and improved display of transparent Radio Buttons
  • Removed some references to ProvideX product name
  • Corrected Windows style Pseudo objects to properly return window type as "Window" or "Dialogue"
  • Fixed problem with limited POST DATA size being received by the CGI interface on IIS
  • Fixed problem with new directorys being updated after version switch (SVN interface)