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Chained to your application?

Can't get your data out of the system?

The SQL Compliant ODBC driver is the answer

Your data is important to you. Why fight with your system trying to get to your information? ProvideX has two SQL based ODBC drivers that provide you access to your data from virtually any Windows based application such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Crystal reports. Any application that has an ODBC interface can be used.

Both ProvideX SQL ODBC drivers meet the specifications for Microsoft Level 3 ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) and both can provide access from a Windows application to your data regardless of the type of host.

The standard ODBC driver provides structured access to your application data. Simply install the driver and point it to the applications data directory. Presto, the data is accessible using all the data definitions as defined in your data dictionary. The driver will work over local and mapped drives and has the ability to disable write-back.

For a more secure implementation use the Client-Server version of the ODBC driver. A true data server module is included that can be installed on your host system where the data resides. Each workstation can securely access the data via TCP/IP without having direct access to the applications directory. If security and access control is what you need, then the Client-Server version of the ODBC is for you.

It is strongly recommended that if your application is running on a non-Windows operating system that you only utilize the Client-Server version of the ODBC driver.