PxBasic / PxPlus Comparision chart

Feature or capability PxBasic PxPlus
Base System Professional e-Commerce
Basic Programming language
Support for Object Oriented Programming
(Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation)
Built in file system
(Multi-Keyed files)
2GB Max 500GB Max 500GB Max 500GB Max
Windows, Linux, AIX, and MAC support
(concurrent users supported)
1 User Max 10,000 user Max 10,000 user Max 10,000 user Max
Multiple data/file channels concurently
(may be OS limited)
128 65000 65000 65000
Text mode program editors
Graphical IDE with direct access to debugging
Built in debugger for current and background tasks
Graphical application designer
File maintenance application generation system
Online Debug, Watch, Trace, and Breakpoint control
Connect to external databases using ODBC
(Windows and unixODBC on some Linux versions)
TCP support
(both as client and server)
Built-in PDF generator
(PDF/A-1; ISO-19005 compliant)
Dynamic grid control
Google Maps interface
Unicode support
DDE interface on Windows
Ability to include Spell Checker in application
Access to external OCX/COM components
(Windows only)
Graphical report designer
(reports will run on all version)
Charting controls
(5 options)
Smart list boxes providing direct data binding
Support for BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG images
Internet Toolkit with FTP, Email
Native file system database Views support
Native MySql Interface
Thin client connectivity
(requires use of WindX Plugin)
WEB deployment for graphical applications
Transparency and color mask for Windows
(color mask allows for irregularly shaped windows)
SSL support for TCP
(includes encryption and hashing algorithms)
Password protected program encryption  
Dealer owner-coded application security  
External OLE interface
(allows external programs to embed PxPlus)
Customizer for graphical panels  
Native Oracle Interface
Native DB2 Interface  
ADO Interface
(Windows - Microsoft SQL)
Workstation based ODBC access for native files  
Application Server  
PxPlus based Web Server  
XML generator, parser and validator  
SQL Mirroring capability  
File IO Server support
Windows external program Cache Manager  
Email based Fax generation and submission
Remote Procedure calls    
Server based ODBC access for native files    

Indicates capability available as an extra cost upgrade/add-on