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Version 8.30 Build 9190

This build of PxPlus primarily incorporates the features of ProvideX version 8.30 and associated PxPlus features focusing on PDF output. For information on the features included with ProvideX 8.30 please see

For details on the features added in the interim 8.11 releases, please see build 9182.
(click here to view information on the prior build --9182)

The PxPlus Exclusive features that were included with this release can be seen below:

  • Enhanced PDF Support
    Not only does this build include the new ProvideX 8.30 PDF driver but the following additional features have been added:
    - Output of
    PDFA-1b (ISO-19005-1 compliant) PDF files
        The industry standard for PDF files
    - New
    PDF options to encrypt and password protect PDF files.
    - A new
    'OPTION'("PDFMARGINS", "...") mnemonic to declare the default PDF margins
    - Support of decimal alignment using proportional fonts with normal PRINT directives
      (non 'TEXT' mnemonic)
    - Support of the '+S' mnemonic to draw solid lines
    - Support of the 'BB' and 'BU' mnemonics when used with standard TEXT output
  • The standard ProvideX Auto-Complete capability has been enhanced to dynamically fit the drop down box to the size of the window and to position it above/below the control based on the location of the associated input control.
  • The FIN(0, "XYCLIENT") function has been provided to return the client (inner) window size.
  • Added support of the 'BB' mnemonic in List view output to display the column text in Bold.
  • '+-' System parameter
    This system parameter, when set, suppresses trace output from any program in the system library.
  • none
  • The Text Mode Debugger (DBG command) has been improved to paginate long outputs
  • PASSWORD command
    A new Password command line processor was added to provide for hidden password entry
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Corrected problem within NOMADS so that panels larger than the screen size can be editted
  • Corrected problem with passing zero width/height images to PDF drivers

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

  • Corrected an authorization problem with the SMTP interface and *web/email
  • Resolved a problem with rendering multi-ine text in the new PDF library
  • Improved resolution of Font librarys with new PDF library
  • Improved iNomads performance by migrating the Apache Load Module logic from V9
  • Resolved problem with iNomads and panel auto-loads
  • Improved KEYED LOAD progress reporting and handling of large files
  • Improved File upload/download utilities for iNomads
  • Corrected problem sending large amounts of data to GRID 'Text$ property (details)
  • Added support for formats like $,$$0 when using Thoroughbred fid format
  • Corrected incorrect widths being returned on TXW function (details)
  • Improved TAB logic in Grid with Tabmode two (2) and skipping locked cells (details)
  • Added session rescure capabilities to iNomads to reconnect to disconnected tasks
  • Changed error code returned in Windows when passing invalid pathname (details)
  • Fixed minor imcompatibility caused by earlier correction to open options being lost using device drivers
  • Corrected problem with Haru PDF interface which prevented some fonts from loading
  • Corrected problem with using Haru PDF interface and having multiple PDF file opened (details)
  • Added lookup for pxplus.ini in current then exe directory prior pvx.ini
  • Resolved minor annonyance with Keyed file rebuild caused when using numeric keys
  • Corrected problem with Grid scrolling and drop down lists
  • Enhanced XML function to handle embedded '>' characters
  • Added XML conversion type to CVS Function
  • Corrected problem with OPEN timeout not firing with TCP/SSL connections (details)
  • Fixed problem using Tab style property definitions with losing Query 'Program' settings
  • Improved TABMODE 2 setting to skip locked cells
  • Resolved issue with Numeric key segments not being properly handled with EFF files.
  • Eliminated error 60 generation in iNomads caused by GRID DELETE and reseting of current row/column.