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Version 7.65 Build 9180

The primary focus of this build is to include all Sage ProvideX 7.60 language updates and 7.70 library changes. For a full description of the ProvideX changes, please review the respective Sage 7.60 and 7.70 readme files, which can be found at
Two major
+PxPlus Exclusive features (UpdatePlus™ and terminal disconnect handling) are also included with this build along with a number of minor changes
(click here to view information on the prior build --9171)

  • Keyed file IO has been enhanced with the inclusion of UpdatePlus™ support for keyed files.
  • Added support for toggle between insert and overtype mode (INSERT key), in a multi-line.
  • Allow Message libraries to be any type of keyed file.
  • Assured file flushes on terminal disconnects on Unix/Linux systems
  • The CLEAR * directive has been enhanced to allow for the inclusion of an exception list.
  • No changes to functions
  • No changes to mnemonics
  • A new '+L' System parameter has been added to enable the use of 'Logical Disk numbers' on all file create commands
  • The 'XC' System parameter has been extended to allow for an orderly shutdown of disconnected telnet sessions
  • Added the 'SortNullLast property to the Gird control which controls the placement of Null values during a column sort
  • A new TASKS command line has been added to view the state of all running PxPlus task and their file allocations

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

  • Corrected error in DB2 interface that occurs when issuing a SYSTEM_JRNL AUTO ON introduced with ProvideX 7.5
  • Added 'TITLE' option to WINPRT_SETUP and WINPRT options to define report title
  • Improved error reporting in *plus/cs/host and update logic in *plus/cs/service
  • Corrected problem with using imbedded 'Commandline' option in INI file.


  • Corrected a problem with EFF files not properly detecting Unique alternate keys. (details)
    All EFF files which specified UNIQUE alternate keys created on any prior release of PxPlus or ProvideX should be verified.
  • Enhanced logging of KEYED LOAD report to enable easier file repair (see Tech tip)
    This change will log all duplicate keys detected to the system logfile making subsequent location and repair easier.
  • Resolved problem with using 'OPTION' to change Orientation/Source (details)
  • Corrected NOMADS looping when using tabless folders (details)
  • Fixed incompatibility between the Nomads in 7.65 folder maintenance and prior versions
  • Added additional error reporting to the *plus/cs/client to make debuging failed connections easier
  • Included emulation of FIN(0, "TRUE_TTY") for JavX to return "JavX"
  • Added '+B' System parameter to allow the user to define a button bounce delay
  • Corrected potential problem with *web/email and duplicate userids (details)
  • Fixed potential EXE crash with opening BBx files that could occur on some platforms.
  • Updated copyrights for common ProvideX/PxPlus Dlls
  • Corrected problem with WindX compression

  • Added 'pwd', 'users', and 'kill' command line utilities
  • Enhanced the Static download capabilities to allow for updating of WindX workstations on Windows and Vista
  • Improved Simple Client server workstation logging.
  • Corrected problem with READ timeouts on Linux platforms.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect data being returned by KGN function when using emulation mode.
  • Resolved Windows printer driver problems caused by long pathnames on some Terminal Services systems.